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It seems that I'm constantly searching the Internet for some tidbit of information to help me solve some issue.  Being able to lookup a solution to a problem that someone else has already figured out has saved me tons of time (not reinventing the wheel).  Sometimes I may not find the exact answer but I may glean enough info to push me in the right direction.  Sometimes I find many people with the same problem but no one has posted a solution.

I have been the beneficiary of a lot of posted information.  Sadly though, I have rarely taken the time to contribute back.  I think the main reason for this is just the fact that many forums and blogs I find information at I may never visit again and most of the require a user account to post a reply.  I already have way more accounts on different systems than I know what to do with so I don't bother. Sometimes it is just taking to time to respond.

So I am hoping this blog will serve two purposes.  1 - allowing me to participate in knowledge sharing and giving back stuff that I've learned, and 2- helping me document my "discoveries" for future reference.

I hope that perhaps I've helped you solve an issue today!

-Brian Kayser

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