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One of the best ways to get a new blog rolling is to put links to it on established sites.  Please use this page to advertise your blog.  Write a comment below describing what your blog is all about and make sure you put a link to your blog in the comment!

This will help in few different ways.
  1. It may get your site listed on search engines quick.
  2. It may help improve your Google Page Rank
  3. Even if a search doesn't return your page, it may turn up your comment post here with a link to your page!
Also, consider adding a similar "Advertise Your Blog" page to your blog to help out others.

*** TIP ***
For best results the URL link for your blog should be an actual hyperlink.  If you just type or copy in the link it wont necessarily be a true link.  To make it appear as a true link you should use the following code within the comment:

<a href="URL">Title</a>

For example: 
This is my blog documenting technical stuff I've run into and solved.  Please visit!
<a href=""></a>

Will show up as:
This is my blog documenting technical stuff I've run into and solved.  Please visit!

Also, if you Comment-As "NAME/URL" you will be prompted for a URL.  This will make the name you enter a hyperlink back to your blog.  


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