Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Does the AMD 2356 processor support EVC

Mr. Google couldn't directly answer this question for me so I figured I'd throw it out here just in case someone else wanted the direct answer.  

I had three HP Proliant DL365 G5 servers, with dual Quad-Code AMD Opteron 2356 Processors as my VMware hosts.  They went into production in 2008 and served us well.  I added a new server into the mix, an HP Proliant DL165 G7, with dual AMD Opteron 6220 Processors. 

They did not seem to play well with VMware’s vMotion so I figured I needed to enable the Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) mode.  Well, the older host didn’t seem compatible with that either.  In vSphere Client, when you look at the SUMMARY of the host, there is a heading “VMware EVC Mode:”  It will say “Disabled”, of course, if it isn’t enabled, but next to it there is a info box.  When you click that it says: “Supported EVC Modes:  EVC Not Supported”.  Drab! 

Not to be discouraged I Googled around but couldn’t find anything that specifically said anything about my older hosts processors supporting EVC or not.  But I did find a VMware tool (and ISO) that creates a boot CD that will tell you for sure what the deal is. 

So, with fingers crossed, I booted-up the old and reliable host with the newly burned bootable CD.  Ah, look at all those YESes!!  

But SNAP – the final nail! “Supported EVC Modes: None

I guess I’m going server shopping… 


  1. Well "crap," I guess I'm going server shopping too! Thanks for saving me some time though!

  2. You have to enabled Hardware Virtualization in the BIOS for this model HP.


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